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Ways To Get More Views On IGTV | How To Promote Your IGTV Videos

IGTV is easily one of Instagram’s best updates and releases for this year, and to be honest, why shouldn’t it be?

We’re talking about a video platform that provides users with the opportunity of uploading longer videos, while at the same time giving them a fresh layout that most people are even afraid of using:

Yes, I’m talking about the vertical-video format.

It’s not surprising that you guys have been asking us so much how to get more views on IGTV, especially if you are trying to build your own brand or just a sustainable business with the help of these features.

If you are here because you want more people to watch your content and be aware of what you do, you are in the right place.


How to get more views on IGTV?

If you want to understand IGTV to its fullest and get as many views as possible, some of the things that you should consider doing are:

1- Use hashtags

Almost nobody knows that you can use hashtags on IGTV videos, even links.

Right under your video description, you will be able to post up to 30 hashtags, just like a regular post.

Will your videos get featured on the hashtag sections as well? 

That’s the best part.

Yes, everyone will be able to discover your IGTV videos through the hashtags that you use just as if they were Instagram photos or videos.


2- Stablish your target audience

A target audience according to Gooogle.com is:

A particular group at which a film, book, advertising campaign, etc., is aimed.

Having a clear idea of the type of content that you want to offer is a great way of knowing how to get more views on IGTV, but what about the audience that we want to reach?

Without a proper target audience established the results are not going to very encouraging. How can you determine your target audience to get more views on IGTV?

Some of the following things can be quite significant:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Genders
  • Profession
  • Language
  • Hobby
  • Interests

And this is just the tip of the iceberg; there are far more characteristics that can determine your target audience, but these are some of the most important.

If you have a business account on Instagram, then you can just go to your account “insights” and then go to the section called “audience”.

Instagram will tell you all of this based on their own analytics.


3- Publish regularly, but don’t sacrifice quality

There is not a lot to say in this particular section; if you want to get more views on IGTV, consistency is one of the most important elements that you are going to need; no one wants to stay updated with a channel that offers content one day and then spends a whole week off.

Some of the things that you should keep in mind are:

  • Do research on your topics so you can always have material to make videos.
  • Study your competition so you can check what kind of content you can use to your advantage, don’t copy them, get inspired by them.
  • Allow your followers to add suggestions; perhaps you can pick an idea or two that could be of good use to you.
  • If you have a working staff, creative meetings can always be great; brainstorming can come a long way to determine new and exciting concepts to explore with your content.

Why are we suggesting searching for new things?

Because you have to avoid being repetitive too.

The key is to stay fresh, to offer something that they can’t refuse watching and keep updating yourself to impress others, and more importantly to impress yourself.


4- Convert your followers into viewers

Some of you might already have a big following and find yourself not getting the number of views that people would expect you to have.

What can you about this? 

Three things (which I will further explain below):

  • 1- Make them notice your videos through your stories
  • 2- Talk about your videos in your post captions
  • 3- Share your videos with them personally

Note: You want to do this in the most professional way; don’t make others think you are spamming them. Don’t be sharing every video that you publish, instead, just send your best material and ask them for a feedback.


5- Buy Instagram tv Views

IGTV views service on our website where everyone can buy IGTV views

permanently. These viewers are 100% real traffic from our other sources just as Blogs, articles, web traffic and many more.

IGTV brings a new short way for everyone to get closer to each other to increase the engagement with the community. IGTV makes it easy for your fans to find your channel and engage with your videos. primesmmpanel.com  offers insatgram TV views to build your strong engage over the fan group.


Are these safe IGTV views?

Yes, of course, these are safe IGTV Indian views same as simple Instagram video views. These are organic views, you didn’t worry about the quality of the service. We believe in quality, not quantity.


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does buying instagram followers work...

Does Buying Instagram Followers Work?

Growing your Instagram following can be a little tricky.  Some people may want to grow their business or personal Instagram account for various reasons.

There are a few different ways to grow your Instagram following.  If you do it the right way, it takes a lot of time, continuous dedication and effort.  The honest way to generate more followers and engagement is to post great content and come up with a smart Instagram marketing strategy and engage with your audience multiple times a day.

Some people don't want to take the time and effort to get loyal Instagram followers so they will buy Instagram followers for a small price.  Does anyone really know what happens when you buy followers, likes, and engagement?

In this blog post, we will talk about what it takes to grow your Instagram following and get more engagement on each one of your posts.

Why Buy Instagram Followers?

When people look at an Instagram account, unfortunately, they typically decide if they want to follow and engage with an account based on the number of followers someone has.

You might be surprised at the number of people who buy Instagram followers.  Celebrities, politicians, influencers, and brands have paid for thousands of followers just to make their Instagram account seem like an authority figure in their own little niche.

People buy Instagram followers because it's all about perception - think of it as a popularity contest.  Some people buy Instagram followers because they are just getting started and want to buy a thousand followers to give them that little boost they need.

How To Buy Instagram Followers

So many people want to be Instagram famous and buying fake Instagram followers and likes is a fast and easy way to get there.  

To get started, you link your public Instagram account to a service, choose how many followers you want to buy, and make a purchase.  Once you have done that, you can watch your audience grow.  It's that easy.

But, how much does it cost to buy Instagram followers?

Buy Instagram Followers is one pretty expensive service.  Their services are higher because they promise you that their followers are active and real Instagram accounts, unlike many others who just get you bots and inactive users.


Once you have quite a few Instagram followers make sure to measure your engagement rate.  To estimate how much engagement you should receive depending on the amount of Instagram followers you have is pretty simple. 

Follow this formula:

number of likes + number of comments / number of followers x 100 = engagement rate

If you own a business, this will help you see how well your Instagram strategy is working.  It will also tell you if your target audience is connecting and engaging with your content.

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Here's the question, if it were so easy and cheap to buy followers wouldn't everyone be doing it?  

When you buy Instagram followers, you are only paying for a number.  This means that the followers you pay for will not engage in your Instagram posts or stories.  The new followers aren't likely to follow you back and if they do they will follow you for a few days and then disappear.

If your priority is to have a big follower count, buying Instagram followers will definitely do that.

We hope this blog was helpful and if you need any more help with Instagram and influencer marketing then reach out to or join us.

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